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Sense Connect takes care of payments and logistics, for businesses and individuals.

What is Sense Connect?


A single platform for your payment and logistic needs

Sense Connect lets you send and receive payments and parcels easily.

  • Easily send out digital invoices, payable online
  • Take advantage of our integrated delivery service
  • Use the API to develop complex solutions

Efficient management of your customer base

Sense Connect lets you generate invoices, follow up on payments, schedule product deliveries, and much more. All from one automated platform.

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Why use Sense Connect?

Our integrated solution lets you focus on your business.

Order over the phone

No need to use the website. You can start transactions by phone and on Whatsapp.

Flexible payments

Sense Connect collets payments in multiple ways (cards, mobile money, cash) and even in installments.

Professional deliveries

Sense Connect delivers your parcels safely, and lets you monitor the progress online.

Automatic billing

Sense Connect lets you send periodic bills to your customers automatically.

A powerful API

Integrate our solutions into you projects rapidly thanks to the Sense Connect API.

Always listenting to you

We constantly improve our services and reply promplty to all your inquiries.

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